Our Objective

The strategic objective of UNIMONT - VMS, s.r.o. is to provide high-quality production, assembly and service in established activities for an increasing number of customers. The company management understands that performing such activities may have a negative impact on the environment and therefore it has to be minimized. Moreover, the basic intention of the company management is to create a reliable system of occupational safety and health.

In order to achieve this objective UNIMONT – VMS, s.r.o. intends to do the following:

  • To improve the quality of products (articles and services) continuously with the objective to satisfy customers´ needs and requirements;
  • To reduce occurrence of claims of our products continuously and to resolve the claims incurred to the customers´ satisfaction immediately;
  • To maintain and develop stable partnership relations with customers and suppliers continuously also by adhering to contractual provisions;
  • To create and improve work conditions for employees continuously so that they would be able to maintain the required quality of products;
  • To improve the employees´ qualification, environmental awareness and OSH observance resulting in high quality production, reliable behavior towards the environment and attention to their own safety and the safety of their co-workers;
  • By avoiding risks and pollution to prevent occurrence of extraordinary situations that may have a negative impact on the environment or health of the employees;
  • To perform activities in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, regional and other requirements on environmental protection and occupational safety and health (OSH);
  • To manage service operation and storage of chemical preparations and substances and waste collection and disposal so that the environmental impacts are under control and as small as possible;
  • To create conditions to maintain, develop and improve the integrated quality management system according to the Integrated Quality Management Systems Handbook,
  • On a yearly basis to set objectives intended to achieve this policy – to check the achievement of the objectives set within a regular annual assessment.

UNIMONT – VMS, s.r.o. supports the achievement of the above objectives by an adequate share of investment from the profit and by the philosophy of partnership with both the suppliers and the customers.

It is necessary to make all the employees familiar with the policy and present it to the business environment in an appropriate manner.


Andrej Ihnát
Director of UNIMONT – VMS, s.r.o.

Dlhé Klčovo 07/06/2010