Code of Ethics

UNIMONT - VMS, s.r.o. cares about building a good reputation, therefore, since its establishment, we have been committed in our business activities to comply with legal regulations, culture of ethical conduct and to respect the generally accepted principles of business.

By adopting the Code of Ethics and adhering to it, we express our desire to be a trustworthy business partner, responsible for our actions.

The Code of Ethics is not a generally binding legal or internal regulation of the Company, but represents a set of ethical standards, principles and requirements that are intended to regulate the conduct of UNIMONT - VMS as a whole and of each of its members.

The basis of trust and the formation of corporate culture is morality and respect. We must all strive to apply the same kind of conduct that we expect from others, while showing respect to customers, suppliers, co-workers, as well as other partners of our company.

Our vision is to be a customer-oriented company the name of which will be associated with values such as honesty, reliability, quality.

Our company values: 

  • We are proud of our company.
  • Our work is based on professionalism, honesty and respect.
  • The market demands the quality and expertise we can offer.
  • We express our responsibility to ourselves and our surroundings in the integrity of our words and actions.
  • The needs of the customer are our first priority.
  • Creativity and innovation is our guiding principle.
  • Every employee is part of the team.
  • Respect for the work of others moves us forward.


We want to contribute to building good business relationships and succeed in a transparent market environment. We are fair and responsible towards our customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Our employees are obliged to avoid improper conduct, misuse of confidential information or withholding of important information.

We consider any corrupt practices to be unacceptable, as it is a sign of a lack of dignity, solidarity and an obstacle to the good functioning of our company.

Business relationships and business operations must comply with applicable laws and regulations, and we are guided by measures against the money laundering of the proceeds of crime.

In relation to customers

  • we take a professional and honest approach,
  • we try to do our best for our customer's satisfaction,
  • we provide only true and up-to-date information about our products and services,
  • we avoid selling poor quality products or services and misleading advertising,
  • if, due to circumstances, we are unable to fulfil the customer's wishes or meet the agreed requirements, we enter into joint negotiations in order to find a mutually acceptable solution,
  • we use only legitimate business methods to attract customers.

In relation to business partners

  • we act without withholding relevant information, unfair conduct or any form of manipulation,
  • we are committed to creating a level playing field,
  • we act in accordance with the rules of commercial competition when selecting a business partner,
  • we undertake to comply with the agreed contractual and financial obligations,
  • if we cannot meet the agreed requirements, we enter into negotiations to find a mutually acceptable solution,
  • we create a safe working environment for our business partners and their employees who are on the Company's sites or premises, and we require them to comply with all safety regulations that are in force in our Company.

In relation to competitors

  • we respect the rules of competition, comply with laws and regulations,
  • we assert ourselves on the market by the quality of our products and services,
  • we are committed not to abuse our market position,
  • we do not engage in any form of unfair competition,
  • we do not attempt to obtain confidential information about competitors in unfair or illegal ways,
  • we do not damage the reputation of competitors.

In relation to public authorities, region and society

  • we try to build fair relations with the state, government authorities and society as a whole by fulfilling all our obligations under the relevant legislation,
  • respecting and complying with all legal provisions, acting in accordance with applicable legislation,
  • ensure transparency of financial transactions,
  • provide complete and truthful information in a timely manner,
  • the company supports sports and cultural activities with its sponsorship.


"The value of a company is measured by the value of the people who make it up."

In addition to vision, strategy, quality products and services, a successful company needs quality work teams composed of capable and motivated people.

Employees are important to us, so we strive to create an atmosphere of mutual trust, dignity and respect in the workplace, without which it is impossible to work together. We also demand that each and every one of our employees work in the same way.

As an employer, we provide equal opportunities. Already in the selection process we act impartially and fairly.

We make sure that a new employee "fits in" with our team, because identification with the company culture is important not only for their adaptation, but also for their subsequent implementation in the company. How employees identify and feel about the company supports their satisfaction and performance.

When solving problems, employees are allowed to take initiative, express their suggestions and opinions, which can contribute to the improvement of the company's operations.

Discrimination and harassment

Our aim is to prevent discrimination, humiliation and harassment. Any form of discrimination on the basis of sex, age, medical condition, etc. is prohibited among employees.

We respect human dignity and consider humiliation, intimidation and sexual harassment unacceptable.

We promote tolerance in the workplace, avoiding slander and defamation. We resolve conflicts that arise within the company and make every effort to resolve them,

Any violation of the Company's work ethic or ethical standards must be reported to the employee's line manager.


The Company places emphasis on the professional and personal growth of its employees. We create conditions for the development of their knowledge, skills, abilities, and at the same time we expect our employees to actively use the opportunities offered.

The Company undertakes to pursue a fair remuneration policy that reflects the individual employee's performance and activity in relation to the Company's economic results.

Occupational health and safety

We create safe working conditions. The principles of occupational safety and health protection, prevention of risks causing occupational accidents, diseases and other health damage are reflected in our internal regulations of OHS and FP. We provide regular training sessions to familiarize employees with the requirements related to occupational health and safety.

Each employee is responsible for complying with safety regulations and taking care not to endanger the life and health of himself/herself, his/her co-workers or others and thereby cause material damage to the company.

He/she is obliged to use personal protective equipment at work. He/she must not keep or consume alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances at the workplace or on the Company's premises, or start work under their influence. The employee must not encourage others to use them during working hours.

If unsafe working conditions or undesirable circumstances occur in the workplace that result or could result in an accident at work, pose a threat to the life and health of employees, this must be reported immediately.

Protection of the company's reputation and assets

By their conduct, speech and public appearance, employees represent not only themselves but also the company they work for. The company expects them to conduct themselves in a professional manner, to take care of its reputation and to protect its interests, material assets and intellectual property.

Each employee is required to protect and make efficient use of the Company's tangible assets, such as telephones, computer equipment, electronic mail, and strive to prevent damage or loss. Its use for non-work purposes must be in accordance with the Company's internal regulations. The employee does not borrow, take possession of, or lend Company property to anyone without proper authorization.

The Company also requires the efficient use of working time, which is an intangible asset of the Company; its use to deal with private matters is unacceptable.

Conflict of interests

Conflict of interest is a situation where the personal activities, interests of an employee, his/her family members interfere with his/her work activities or the effective performance of the company. Employees are required to behave in an ethical manner and to avoid such conduct.

A conflict of interest may be considered to be:
• engaging in activities that compete with the interests of our company,
• using company information or property for personal benefit,
• a business or other employment relationship affecting the employee's job performance.

As it is not possible to mention all situations creating an actual or potential conflict of interest, each specific situation is evaluated separately. It is therefore necessary to inform one' s line manager, who will inform the company's management in accordance with the relevant procedures, and the management will assess whether or not there is a conflict of interest.

Gifts and rewards (gifts, freebies, hospitality and other benefits)

UNIMONT - VMS does not abuse its market position. We create equal conditions for all our business partners. We conduct our business activities in an honest and ethical manner.

We do not accept gifts or other benefits from existing or potential business partners whose value is higher than allowed by normal business practice.

In accordance with our company principles, we provide only symbolic gifts and hospitality to help us build mutual business relationships, and no specific decision or behavior is expected in return.

Similarly, our employees are not permitted to accept or provide gifts and hospitality in the course of their work that could influence a decision by the Company or its business partner. If an employee discovers that a gift violates the above rules, he or she will return the gift. Under no circumstances are gifts of cash equivalents acceptable.


Protection of confidential information and confidentiality

The term confidential information includes all non-public information that may be used by competitors or the disclosure of which could harm the Company.

We place great emphasis on securing and protecting the confidential information of our customers, suppliers and other business partners, as well as trade secret.

Employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of confidential information of which they become aware in connection with the performance of their work. At the same time, they must protect it against misuse, unauthorized disclosure and use it only in accordance with contractual arrangements and applicable law.

Protection of personal data and privacy

We also take the same responsible approach to the protection of personal data of natural persons in our possession. We collect personal data in accordance with applicable law for the purpose and for the time necessary.

Only authorised persons have access to this data. They are obliged to avoid actions that would lead to their misuse or use by unauthorised persons.

The company respects the right to privacy of its employees, in particular through the application of generally binding legislation.

Employees' obligation to protect confidential information, personal data and the duty of confidentiality continues throughout the employment relationship and after its termination.


UNIMONT - VMS cares about the quality of the environment, so we strive to ensure a balance between economic interests and environmental protection requirements in our business.

We have undertaken to comply with applicable laws, environmental regulations, internal environmental procedures and take preventive measures to reduce environmental risks. We maintain and control our operations to prevent such unacceptable risks.

We do not produce substances that would result in pollution of groundwater or surface water, we take appropriate measures to reduce the consumption of energy resources, and we take an equally responsible approach to waste management.

Compliance with all applicable environmental protection regulations is the responsibility of each of our employees. We raise their awareness through environmental education.

It is the employee's responsibility to become familiar with the adverse effects their work has on the environment and to carry it out in accordance with established work practices.

If an employee becomes aware of any actual or potential adverse environmental impact caused by the Company's operations, he/she is obliged to immediately notify the relevant employee's supervisor so that corrective action can be taken in a timely manner.

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