We offer comprehensive services in machine engineering and metal processing - locksmith and welding work, metal machining and production of welded parts for external customers according to technical documents. The machine engineering program also includes manufacturing of steel structures for industry and construction, such as load-bearing structures for various equipment, platforms, footbridges and other locksmith and welding elements. The equipment of the workshops and halls allows us to produce complex and heavy structures up to 200 tons.

The production area of more than 10,000 m2, which is equipped with bridge cranes with a capacity of 40 tons, provides sufficient production capacity. UNIMONT-VMS processes approximately 250 tons of metallurgical material per month and produces various steel structures, weldments and tanks as well as technological parts of machines and equipment therefrom.


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Machine Engineering Industry

The machine engineering industry makes extensive use of equipment produced by locksmith and welding work, which is why a large part of our customers are from this industry. UNIMONT-VMS also supplies prefabricated halls for industrial production for the machine engineering industry.

We most often produce the following for machine engineering companies: tipping containers, tanks and containers with hydraulic tipping, steel structures, steel silos and various vessels, HVAC.


Steel Structures

Steel Structures

UNIMONT-VMS supplies steel structures for various suppliers and various industries. Steel structures made of weldments and treated with protective coatings are usually used for the purpose of load-bearing structures of production halls and warehouses, such as structures of railway and motorway bridges, load-bearing structures of equipment or footbridges.

Steel structures have a wide range of uses and require high-quality locksmith and welding work.


Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgical Industry

Within the metallurgical industry, we supply equipment mainly for U.S. Steel Košice, s.r.o., which is the largest metallurgical company in the region. However, there are also other metallurgical companies in our portfolio. We also perform service and maintenance on equipment for the metallurgical industry.

Our products in metallurgy: steel tanks, gas tanks and collectors, suction nozzles and pipes, expansion joints, pressure vessels, HVAC, steel structures, car frames for transporting ladles with raw iron, equipment for gas treatment plants.


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Mining Industry

The mining industry is a sector where safety is very important, especially when using equipment underground. Therefore, it is necessary to be particular about quality in the production of steel structures, weldments and equipment, in locksmith and welding work.

We most often supply the following for the mining industry: steel silos and various vessels, steel structures, material crushers, material sorters.


Energy Industry

Energy Industry

Equipment that increases the efficiency of the transport of energy sources and thus reduces losses during transport is important for the energy industry. The equipment is processed in machine engineering production.

We most often supply the following for the energy industry: steel pipes and various fittings, steel silos and various vessels, tanks, fabric and electrical filters for equipment dedusting, steel structures.


Surface Finish

Surface Treatment

We provide surface treatment before and after assembly, especially using the following techniques:

  • Blasting
  • Painting
  • Powder coating
  • Galvanizing
  • Hot dip galvanizing

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