Company History

At the beginning of the history of UNIMONT - VMS, there was a small production hall with two cranes and basic locksmith equipment. The first products included various steel structures without machining. The production of locksmith products and steel structures was focused primarily on the requirements of VSŽ Košice. The second and third production halls were purchased and reconstructed in 2012. Further welding equipment and machining tools needed for production and satisfaction of our customers´ requirements were installed in the halls.

In the subsequent years, there was a focus on other local as well as foreign customers, especially German and Czech ones. That meant a change in product demand and technological requirements. Due to the environment of the global economic boom and sufficient funds from executed orders it was possible to invest in new technologies and purchase other two production halls.

We have continuously invested in welding technology, machine tools, lathes and other production equipment. In addition to the production technologies, we also invested in bridge cranes with a capacity of 25 tons. In the years 2012 - 2014, the company UNIMONT-VMS developed rapidly.